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So many features, it's hard to name them all:

When it comes to spending money for something for your business, you want the most for your hard-earned buck. Therefore you deserve the best for your restaurant, and on this page we'll tell you why we're the best and what you get for the low price.

Old saying, "You get what you pay for..."
We say, "You get MORE than what you pay for with our system!"

With MyPizzaPlaceOnline you as the restaurant business owner get more than what you pay for with our modern revolutionary system. Why buy an online ordering system that still uses old CGI technology, and basic forms, when you can use our user-friendly, quick, easy, and dynamic restaurant menu engine. With our software you don't have to know any code or even be tech savvy! If you can turn a computer on, you can use!

Interactive AJAX powered menu engine
creating an online version of your menu has never been easier with! You can create unlimited menus, with unlimited categories, with unlimited items in each category, with unlimited sizes, options, toppings, and more for each item! Add item pictures, category pictures, restaurant location pictures and more! Create coupons, add specials, you can even make an item appear as a new item to draw extra special attention to a new menu item! You might be wondering what AJAX is and why it would make our menu administration tools so effective... Thank you for asking! AJAX is just a coined term for JavaScript and XML, and even though those are geeky terms, they mean that you'll spend less time refreshing the page, and way more time administering your online restaurant!

Interactive Flash Restaurant Statistics
So you decided to choose us as your online ordering solution, but now you have no way of tracking how many orders have been placed online, what the average ticket total was for last month vs. this month and yearly averages and trends; Well now you can know that and more! Our statistics module (optional add-on) will show you information about your online restaurant that would take hours of calculations, and even longer to graph in a visual way. We do all the hard work for you! Our Flash Graphs are animated, interactive, and full of pertinent information you need to run your online restaurant effectively.

Google Maps Delivery Zone Editor
Instead of asking a customer for their address over the phone and then going to a map to determine if they are in the delivery area or not, our simple and easy to use Google Maps Delivery Zone editor will ensure that any new customers are in your delivery area at the time of ordering. You can click and drag points to define the complete delivery area for your restaurant. That means your not stuck with a full 2 or 3 miles circle radius, especially if you live in an area that wouldn't even allow the option of a circle radius (e.g. if your business was on the shore line...) So you can define your delivery area visually and it can change when your business changes. If you are having a slow day you can easily increase the delivery zone by dragging the points on the Google Maps Delivery Zone Editor, and increase your delivery area. Likewise you can also shrink your delivery area if you are busy and or short staffed. You choose the size!

Pizza Notifier™
Why spend unnecessary money on paper and ink on lot's of orders for your fax machine, when you can use our Pizza Notifier™ which checks your online restaurant for any new orders every few seconds! As soon as an order is placed on the website, the Pizza Notifier™ will instantly notify you that a new order has been placed. Then you can easily click on the Pizza Notifier™ and it will automatically take you to the order center in your Administration Control Panel so that you can notify the cooks about the new order. If it is an order that has been placed in advance you will be able to mark it down to be made either later that day, or later that week, depending upon how in advance they order. Our Pizza Notifier™ is small in size and works on all Windows® compatible computers that have an internet connection.

Customer Ordering Templates
With our list of templates increasing all the time, you will have the option to choose your online store from the many different styled storefront templates. With one click you can change your store-front template; it's just that EASY! You can even order a custom template for your company that matches the exact look and feel of your current website, so that the user experience has a less drastic transition from your website to your online store. We have also partnered with trusted web design companies to provide you with a website in case you don't have one. Now your new website and new template will match exactly and your customers will order from you!
Custom templates can be ordered for a one time fee starting at $299.95.

30 Day, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you decide after 30 days from activating your account that our product just isn't for your restaurant, simply let us know and we will cancel your account and refund your initial deposit. We are confident in our system and know you will love our system especially when you see how much more sales are generated from having an online store! You won't want to leave us and leave the sales behind... There are no yearly contracts, and no strings attached. You simply pay month to month and if you decide that you don't want as many sales, and that more money isn't that appealing to you, you can simply cancel at any time without any early cancellation fees, or ANY fees for that matter.