- internet ordering for your restaurant or pizza place - online ordering for your restaurant or pizza place

About MyPizzaPlaceOnline:

So you want to know what this is, who we are, and how you can get in on the action? Well, you've come to the right section of the web site. Here is where we will touch on your most obvious questions.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to provide a lightning fast, easy to use, and full-featured online tool made just for restaurants. Our mission is targeted from the tiny mom & pop shops all the way up to the large corporate chains. We believe that every one should have the same resources made available to them at an affordable cost.

How does it work?
Our software is so easy to use that even the most computer illiterate person can operate our administration panel which allows you, the owner, to add all the necessary menus, items, toppings, coupons and more, all with the click on the mouse, without the need to pay a company every time you need an updated price, or new menu item. You are in full control of your online restaurant! You don't have to be a big chain to be able to offer online ordering to your customers. Once your menu and location is added, then your users can simply go to the web site URL that you choose, and in seconds they can create their accounts and order food directly from you! They have no pressure or time constraints and can order anytime! They can even place orders in advance for large parties, company group events, or even just for the next day the occasion really doesn't matter.

Who are you?
MyPizzaPlaceOnline started in May of 2006, and from then on has been growing and moving rapidly in the online ordering industry. We are constantly developing and re-developing a fast, easy and convenient online ordering system that in our most humble biased opinions, beats the pants off of our competition! We are a subsidiary company of Mind Embryo Productions which is a privately owned web design and development company founded in 2000.