- internet ordering for your restaurant or pizza place - online ordering for your restaurant or pizza place

It's time to put your restaurant online!

With MyPizzaPlaceOnline, we give you all the tools you'll ever need to accept orders from the internet at affordable prices! Find out more about what we can do for your Pizza restaurant, Chinese Food restaurant, Taco Hut, Sub Shop, Sandwich Shack, or whatever type of food restaurant you may have, to increase sales and offer a convienent service for your customers.

Mark your delivery area with Google Maps!
You can use our Google Maps tool to mark off your delivery area so that you will never get a delivery out of your delivery area again! You are not bound by a single city or zipcode. You can easily create a customized delivery area in the shape that exactly matches what area you can deliver to at that time. If you find that your delivery area is too small or too large, you can easily update it!

Track your customers, sales, and more in real time!
Our interactive Flash graphs and charts will show you what's happening with your online store this very minute! You can track customers, orders, sales, and more all with a few easy clicks! You can even find out who your most loyal customers are and send them coupons periodically.
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Find out about new orders every few seconds!
Our PizzaNotifier™ is a program that sits in your system tray and monitors orders every 10 seconds. When an order is placed on the website, the PizzaNotifier™ instantly alerts you that you have a new pending order and when you then click on the PizzaNotifier™ it automatically log's you into your online ordering manager tool to process the order! All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you're ready to start selling online!

Online Ordering is easy for your customers!
You can choose to use one of our free easy to use templates for your shop, or have us create a custom template to match the exact look and feel of your current website! The cost of custom template construction is only a fraction of the price of a brand new website, and will exactly match your current look and feel! We also have partnered up with multiple web design companies so that you can get a brand new website and get a custom template to match your new website.

Control your online store from our admin panel
Our Administration Control Panel is where you can manage your entire online shop. Add locations, menus, categories, items, toppings, pictures, timezones, templates, coupons, specials, new items, and so much more! You are in full control of how your shop works, what it looks like, and when your customers can order from your store. You can even choose menus to display at different times in case you have a separate lunch and dinner menu!